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Title: Bowazon (strafe/multi) - guided shot D2HC build
Post by: Kinso on December 16, 2018, 09:45:10 PM
Please note before I start that this build is rather exclusive to the d2hc server due to the rare crafting recipe and socket amount but can be viable on battlenet with a couple of god tier rares.

The aim of this build started out as just to have fun with the brand rune word but as I progressed I got caught up trying to min max my character and brand eventually changed to faith among other things.
This build is Ubers capable, and more than efficient at farming baal etc. I currently have +7 skills from Equipment and the7 from charms giving me +14 to skills (torch, ani and 3xskiller gcs)

STR: a couple of hard points will cause it to jump to 120+ (from items) this is enough
DEX: All remaining after vit.
VIT: this depends on you, if you feel safe you can skip completely I personally get to around 1k HP combined with charms, items etc.

I wont list the pre-requisites
Multishot -  any thing between 12-16 arrow is fine (around 13 points max)
Guided Shot - 10 Hard Points
Strafe - 20 hard points

Crit strike - 20
penetrate - 10-14
pierce 1-9 depending on plus skills
Decoy - will be max toward end - grab all other skills first then dump remainder here
Valk - 20

Helm - Rare crafted - added sockets via Standard recipe
Why rare helm?
With the new crafting system via cube it is possible to roll a very nice helm with life and damage mods that has 4 sockets. Take advantage of the sockets to add some 40/15 jewels in order to hit your haste break points, if you can take the time to roll your jewels correctly with the rare jewel recipe you can easily make a rare helm godlike. (damage/ias/damage jewels)

Chest - Chains of Honor - Archon Plate
Doesn't need much explaining, leech, str and all res will definitely help in capping our resists and defensive needs

Gloves - Laying of Hands
Attack speed and demon damage (most bosses are demons)

Boots - War Travs
For the straight added damage, FRW and magic find

Belt - Razor tail
Used in conjunction with the pierce skill too achieve 100% pierce without a full skill point investment

Rings - Ravenfrost - Rare Crafted
Ravenfrost is self explanatory, rare crafted again using the rare recipe a godly ring can be crafted - preferably with mana leech.

Amu - Atmas
CHC Amp damage, large AR boost and a large poison res boost.

Weapon - Faith - GMB
No explanation needed - used for damage and fana aura

There are a couple of viable charm combos but first and foremost you will want to fix your resists.
Res/Life charms
next you should focus on either skill+ or max dmg charms (Note it is possible to have a 6 stat charm (drop only on the realm) so theoretically you could have a life/res/skill/min-max dmg charmbut the ods of that are extremely low.
My personal preference - res > skiller > min max

Play style:
Extremely straight forward stand back and let strafe do the work, use guided shot as a single target nuke as it will pierce and come back for a 2nd hit - strafe is also very good for single target but guided shot is higher damage.
You will notice certain maps such as CS will be easier to clear with mindless Multi spam which is why we put enough points in to multi shot to have 12 arrows per use.
I prefer to use strafe in narrower maps such as WSK where pierce is king - just ensure you are not trying to strafe with enemies too close to you.


How the build Works:

Warnings and tips:

Hell Cow run (increased monster density on hell... really nice for multi shot / aoe farming.

Title: Re: Bowazon (strafe/multi) - guided shot D2HC build
Post by: Kinso on December 20, 2018, 12:23:46 AM